***TRAFFIC UPDATE*** Traffic lights at Greenbelt Rd Mandan Rd are now working properly.

Traffic Advisory The traffic lights at Greenbelt Rd @ Mandan Rd are on flash. Traffic from Mandan Rd will be forced to turn right. Use caution.

Michelle and MPO. Arnold staffing the Police table at the Lakeside North Apartments Community Day.

Single southbound Lane of Kenilworth now open.

Airbags and sling being used by tow crew to upright vehicle.

You can use any photos I post on this.

Tow crews attempting to get overturned tractor trailer upright. Road still closed.

No. I’m the PIO. You are good to go...

Of course you can! George Mathews (me) took it.

***TRAFFIC ADVISORY*** Overturned tractor trailer southbound Kenilworth Ave at the Beltway. Kenilworth Ave closed southbound. Avoid the area if at all possible.