When the husband knows best

My husband works in the restaurant business. For a long time, he used to order his chef trousers from the United States, as he couldn’t find anything he liked in Finland.

At some point, I suggested he should try Medanta’s trousers. Originally designed for dentists and nurses, our work trousers are comfortable and hygienic, meaning that their material is also suitable for restaurants.

My husband liked the pair and no longer ordered his work trousers from the United States. This also inspired Medanta to try something new: we entered our unisex Chef trousers in the best product of the year competition at the Gastro trade fair in 2016. And we won!

When Anu Kivelä, CEO of Medanta, and Taina Steiner, head of design and production, asked me to join Medanta as sales manager six years ago, I didn’t have to think twice. We sold work clothes for the healthcare sector at the time. Now, we are also known for our clothing for the restaurant business.

In cooperation with our customers, we develop clothes and textiles that are consistent with their brands and meet their specific needs. This is also the most rewarding aspect of my work: being able to genuinely meet customers’ needs.

We have cooperated with the owners of top restaurants, such as Olo and Emo, which are run by Pekka Terävä. One of our chef’s jackets is named after him. It was designed according to his tastes and preferences, and has become something of a standard in the industry.

Last summer, top chefs from around the world wore kitchen clothing designed by Medanta at the Food & Art event in Mänttä. Based on an idea by Terävä, this food festival is the perfect union of Finnish ingredients and design.

As a food enthusiast, it also warms my heart that Team Finland wears Medanta at the Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious gastronomic competition.

Finnish origin is important to many of our customers. It’s also important to me – which is why I’m working for a company that designs its clothes in Finland for Finnish users, body types and preferences. For example, we like a more relaxed fit than Central Europeans. Medanta’s designs are simple and functional, with a fresh perspective.

I’m so passionate about textiles that many of our customers must think that I also design clothes. I’m thoroughly familiar with each piece in our lines and collections, and I visit our customers frequently. Their ideas arise from practical work and are an invaluable resource: a chef knows their work clothes down to the last detail. They know, for example, that the pen pocket should be diagonal, as that’s the ergonomically best position. And without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to design a pocket for food tongs and place it on the chest of the apron.

Finland is known for its design heritage for a reason. Medanta has the courage to think outside the box and break conventional boundaries within the clothing industry, and chefs also constantly keep creating and developing new things. We have sought inspiration from the comfort and style of sports clothes, for example – and even from the hubby.