Yle Beta Day Keynote: Paul Walsh (CEO, MetaCert), 1.9.2017

Messenger Platforms - Bots as the next generation interface

Are messenger services the next generation of social media? How should a media house be present in messengers – as bots or personas? Messenger platform pioneer Paul Walsh tells us why no aspiring media house can afford to disregard messenger services.

Paul Walsh
CEO, Metacert

Paul Walsh is an Irish entrepreneur who founded several companies and has helped to launch a number of renowned developer communities internationally on behalf of Vodafone and Telefonica. Currently his quest is to bring together leading industry stakeholders including publishers, platforms, fact checkers and technologists, to help tackle some of the challenges that we face today in the media industry.

Walsh is Founder and CEO of MetaCert, the number one company in cybersecurity for Team Collaboration Services such as HipChat, Slack, Skype and Messenger. As the leader in Content Labeling, MetaCert has built the world’s largest database of classified websites to help companies avoid placing ads on websites that contain Fake News or undesirable content. It also helps to protect companies from ‘Malware, Phishing and XXX web links.

In 2003 Walsh founded a software testing and compliance company called Segala. During the mid 90’s Walsh was part of the AOL team that launched technologies such as AIM, X2 56K modem protocol, Internet Radio and Online Games. He was also one of the seven original founders of the W3C Mobile Web Initiative.

He has been the Chair of the British Interactive Media Association and Advisor to the British Council.

Paul Walsh is also a Co-founder of Shanti Life, a low-interest microfinance charity which helps poor entrepreneurs in India get their businesses off the ground with micro loans, mentoring and education in basic literacy skills.