Welcome to Yle Horizon Three

We’re preparing for the next leap. Yle Beta is a project aimed at recognising the technologies and storytelling trends that will be central in five years by experimenting. The objective is to have a vision in 2018 of what will the next generation media service be like and of what kind of a beta version of it we want to build for 2020 and, most of all, of the way we will be telling our stories in the framework of the service.

The bigger picture is that we’re trying to outline the development of the so called Horizon 3. According to Mehrdad Baghai’s innovation theory, the operations of a company can be seen as three horizons. Horizon One represents the current core business (H1), Horizon Two involves the commercialisation and development of new recognised solutions (H2), and Horizon Three contains recognising and studying emerging new possibilities (H3).

For the most part, the operations of our company will happen in Horizon One. The fields that will still be most intensively developed are the production of video, audio and text contents and publishing them on television, radio and Internet. In Horizon Two, we’re currently cultivating great ways to create and publish content that will in time be included in our future Horizon One. They include data-drivenness, personalisation and recommendations, as well as cooperation with Yle Tunnus (Yle Login) that will bring them to a whole new level. Horizon Three, on the other hand, is something we know a lot less about. In fact, we only really know that one of the emerging phenomena will suddenly revolutionise the whole media industry, for sure.

It’s worth studying Horizon Three now, already, with an open mind and by making agile little experiments. When we actually find something that has the potential to touch the whole industry, we can pass our findings on to product development, and in time, they will become a part of our core operations. This will, hopefully, ensure that we will be those who can surf on the wave of change instead of being crushed by it.

In the end of the day, we do not have to know how to ride every single wave but the goal of Yle Beta is to make sure we keep ourselves on the surface in the future, as well.